What does restore to factory settings do?

Answer It will restore it to what it was like when you first opened it in the box. It will have the OS and the default programs it comes with.

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What happens if i restore my laptop to factory settings?

It will be exactly as when you bought it.Any viruses will be gone and it should work as quickly as when new.You will probably have quite a lot of Windows updates to install so just set it to automa... Read More »

Restore to factory settings?

Stay calm!You can transfer browsing data/history from a certain point to another (a USB works best) by going to the relevant section and moving them across, yes.However I would encourage you to not... Read More »

Restore Factory Settings?

Hit enter! A password is set up during setup. There is a crack but it has a virus when it unzips. If you have the disk just boot from CD and reinstall. Just make sure the Key works before you forma... Read More »

Restore PC back to factory settings?

Modern toshibas have a hidden recovery partition for this purpose which is normally accessed one of 2 ways - try the first method for preference1. Copy all your files and documents to an external s... Read More »