What does the :M face mean?

Answer i guess he typed m by mistake coz i havnt seen this :M thing before

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How to Make a Home Made Face Mask to Brighten and Smooth Your Face instantly?

Using ingredients found in most kitchens, you can make an all-natural face mask at home. These masks are less expensive than store bought versions, and often the end results are just as dramatic. W... Read More »

I have dark spots and holes on my face due to there any way i can make my face compleatly soft?

Laser resurfacing Dermarolling Chemical peelsMicrodermabrasion The possibilities are endless.

I have a interview (face-2-face) for O2. What's "smart business wear" and what sort of questions can I expect?

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Nair face removal cream and it has burned all one side of my face hoe do I make it better ?

How bad is the burn??? if it's a mild burn try aloe vera or savlon avoid any heavy face creams/heat as it could make it sting/worse if however the burn is very bad you may need to go to A&E. Nair i... Read More »