What does the moon sign mean on chat on facebook?

Answer It means there Idle. (Have not done any activity on facebook in the past 30 mins)The green dot mean they are online and active,If there name is not appearing, there not on facebook.If you appear of... Read More »

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On facebook what does it mean to turn off chat?

it means you've gone off facebookyou could still be online though , on another website, or even reading your e.mails

Facebook chat...what does the crescent mean?

It means you're idle. If you click the box with the green circle in (next to the "friends online" box) you can choose go offline for FB chat

What does the green dot on Facebook chat mean?

What Do the Symbols on Facebook Chat Mean?

Unlike communications such as posts to the collective "News Feed," another user's "Walls" and comments on the pictures and videos he posts, messages you send in Facebook chat are always in real-tim... Read More »