What does the term blog mean?

Answer Short for Web Log.Log as in diary or written account. Think of a Captain's Log (like on a ship or in Star Trek).

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In stock market, what does the term "placing" mean How does this affect the share price?

Placing means that the shares are sold to specific buyers (normally pension funds or similar institutional buyers) and are not available to the general public. Normally new shares would be offered... Read More »

What does the term TO FEW OPERANDS mean?

An operand is a part of an equation - like minus, plus, multiply, divide etc.So you have obviously missed something out of your equation that is necessary for it to make sense mathematically.

What Does the Term Devils Advocate Mean?

When an individual is engaged in a particular argument, he or she decides to adopt a certain position just for the sake of the argument even though not agreeing with it. Also, the role of a devil??... Read More »

What does the business term Equity mean?

In the simplest terms equity means ownership. It is usually used to refer to the amount that is actually yours as opposed to the amount that is offset by debts and loans.Eg your house is worth £20... Read More »