What does this poem mean to you?

Answer he makes you feel at peace when he arrives

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Do you like my poem What do you think it means?

What is a Narrative Poem?

A narrative poem is one that tells a story. It follows a similar structure as that for a short story or novel. There is a beginning, a middle and an end, as well as the usual literary devices such ... Read More »

How to Use Homonyms in a Poem?

You like to write, right? Homonyms are words that sound or are spelt the same way but have different meanings. To be more precise, homonyms are really three closely-related kinds of words: homonyms... Read More »

How to Use Your Own Poem to Add to Gifts?

Creating a poem is a very loving and highly personal addition to a gift. Taking the time to write special words for the recipient is sure to be appreciated. Use your special gift in poetry writing ... Read More »