What does (y) mean on facebook?

Answer that's the MSN emoticon that turns into a "thumbs up"

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What does ayt mean in facebook?

Normally its the abbreviation for 'ARE YOU THERE' but it can also be used as shorthand for 'alright'Don't know of any other meanings i'm afraid.

What does "lol" mean on facebook?

Lol is a slang word teens usee it means laugh out loud ! So its just like haha :) hope i helped

What does # mean on facebook?

it has been derived from twitter. it has virtually no meaning on twitter. just like how 'i luv u $$' has more meaning than 'i love you'. on twitter, people use the hashtag to embrace or talk on beh... Read More »

What does #RNS mean on facebook?

The meaning and more are here,