What exactly does defragmenting your computer do?

Answer Your hard drive is divided into small compartments (I think they're 512kb each but can't remember!). If a file is biogger it is spread over several compartments. Your pc uses the first free slot it... Read More »

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What exactly does defragmenting do?

it dosent clean up or get rid of any files.ignore the fools at the takes all your files and places them physicaly closer to eachother on the hard drive so that the pc is not searching all ov... Read More »

Does defragmenting can harm your files?

No, simply tidies them up so that windows loads faster and is easier to access files.Do a disk clean up too. start menu, accessories, system tools, scroll down.Good luck

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Can i use Computer while its Defragmenting ?

No nobody's provided the correct answer, The reason you musn't access anything is because it can cause the whole defragging process to re-start from scratch (pretty annoying if it's already been se... Read More »