What exactly does defragmenting your computer do?

Answer Your hard drive is divided into small compartments (I think they're 512kb each but can't remember!). If a file is biogger it is spread over several compartments. Your pc uses the first free slot it... Read More »

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Can i use Computer while its Defragmenting ?

No nobody's provided the correct answer, The reason you musn't access anything is because it can cause the whole defragging process to re-start from scratch (pretty annoying if it's already been se... Read More »

Will defragmenting harm my files on my computer? just sorts it out.just think of it as an unorganized drawer and ur going to sort it out. u wotn harm anything and ull just make it look cleaner and ull c things faster. thats how it acts. i... Read More »


No, what's the point of defragmenting daily. That's overkillI do it every 6 months

What is defragmenting mean?

De-fragmenting is taking files that are stored all around your hard disk and placing them in one area.It is like sorting out a filing just means putting everything where it is easier t... Read More »