What exactly happens when you do defragmentation?

Answer hi !what happens is this:first of all when you use the computer for any reason the information will be saved in a random order on the hard disc and not in series therefore you will have files scatt... Read More »

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What exactly happens when a computer is shutting down?

Actually a hell of a lot goes on but basically:1. Closes all applications and any files those applications have open (you may be given opportunity to save files)2. Shuts down all services not requi... Read More »

What is the diffirence between the Standard Defragmentation and Registry Defragmentation?

Stnadard defrag defrags the hard disk. I wouldn't worry about registry defragmentation. I would be more apt to download Page Defrag to defrag the paging file.

What do you exactly do when you are an avon representative ?

How Avon works is you sell the product to family, friends etc. Avon bills you the discounted price. You collect the full price from your customers and the difference between the 2 is your paycheck.... Read More »

What exactly is "safe mode" when booting up?

Safe Mode is exactly what its name indicates: a safe means of starting your WinXP system. In this context, the word "safe" means predictability and certainty. You won't see your full system up and ... Read More »