What exactly happens when you do defragmentation?

Answer hi !what happens is this:first of all when you use the computer for any reason the information will be saved in a random order on the hard disc and not in series therefore you will have files scatt... Read More »

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What is the diffirence between the Standard Defragmentation and Registry Defragmentation?

Stnadard defrag defrags the hard disk. I wouldn't worry about registry defragmentation. I would be more apt to download Page Defrag to defrag the paging file.

How often should i do defragmentation?

Can any one explain me about defragmentation?

basically nasha,defragmentation can be explained by,imageine your p.c is a libary and your programs,folders are all the books after a while people will put the books back in the wrong orde... Read More »

Disk defragmentation?

I use a program called `PerfectDisk` it not only works as a defragmentor, it actually prevents fragmantation as you go along.