What exactly is an I.P address?

Answer Internet Protocol Address, it's an address unique to a device, router, pc etc, to allow it to communicate with others, without it your pc would not be able to access the outside world

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How can I find a persons email address in Spain I have Spanish home address and phone no.?

The only way you can get someones email address is if they give it to you.

Urgent advice needed! On a credit check do I put the address where I live or address where my bills go to?

As far as the credit reporting agencies are concerned, your credit is linked to your mailing address. That's where your bills go and that's the address you should give, with a notation that this is... Read More »

On an offline order form, does the customer need to give billing address as well as delivery address?

Although it isn't required I would recommend it so people can buy things for there friends ect

How to type in the first letter of my address so that the complete address appears automatically?

This is a function of your browser.  It's called auto-complete.  You haven't said what browser you're using, so I can't give specific advice.  if you have changed browser recently, or changed th... Read More »