What exactly is an I.P address?

Answer Internet Protocol Address, it's an address unique to a device, router, pc etc, to allow it to communicate with others, without it your pc would not be able to access the outside world

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What exactly is an IP address?

you could have just asked me - these people are pretty much right - its just a number that identifies you. This way when another system (a web site for instance) sends a package to YOU - it can g... Read More »

If two identical cars both traveling at exactly 60mph hit each other exactly head on...?

The answer for A is in one sense correct and the crumpling of the two cars on impact nearly allows this to happen, however the question does not allow for the rebound effect and in fact the two ca... Read More »

What is an IP address my pc says "invalid IP address" when i try toconnect wirelessly to other pc?

What are ip addressea and how do you identfy between an internal ip address and an external ip address?

An 'external' or dynamic IP is provided by your Internet Provider which identifies your computer (like a Post Code) and changes each time your router is turned off and on.Internal IP = Router 192.... Read More »