What font is this tattoo?

Answer That's definitely not Arial as suggested because the d, h, p and r arewrong and it's the same as the font used on this site.I would take a reasonable bet that is Times New Roman because ofthe way t... Read More »

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How to Make Your Own Font for a Tattoo?

Script tattoos have always been popular for their direct and straightforward meanings. A script tattoo can be a single word or several sentences depending on the tattoo's significance and your pers... Read More »

How to Customize My Tattoo Font?

Tattoos can be created from custom designs that range from personal sketches to downloaded photos. Artists display their work in the tattoo parlour and online but the custom nature of body art allo... Read More »

Great portrait tattoo artists in England or West Midlands area for Hendrix tattoo?

First go to Google Maps and search for tattoo parlors in Wolverhampton. Second you will need to go to their websites and look at their online portfolios.That will allow you to narrow your search do... Read More »

Tattoo appointment in 2 hours. Regardless of pain is a tattoo a wise decision?

individual choice personally i like them and i always wanted one from a young age so i had no reservations when i got my first tattoo once you ve got it its there for life so have something you rea... Read More »