What frustrates you the most about how your computer works (or doesn't)?

Answer small thing really but I really hate it when I install a program and it puts a file into a startup tab so every time I start my computer the program starts, good thing I know how to alter this via ... Read More »

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3. What frustrates you in your current job How do you manage your frustration?

attitude of frontline staff it is dog's tail it can't be straightend

What do you go on most on your computer?

Yahoo answers and stuff which i should not mention on here. Basically things to keep me amused

What do you like most about your job?

I love my job because it's challenging and I'm constantly learning new things. Being your own boss is also good ;)

My monitor is messing up everyone I switch my computer on it works for about a second I cantfix this ?

Does the same problem occur if you change the monitor cable for a known-good cable from another monitor?If not, then the problem is the cable, replace it.If so,Does the monitor work properly on ano... Read More »