What happens if i restore my laptop to factory settings?

Answer It will be exactly as when you bought it.Any viruses will be gone and it should work as quickly as when new.You will probably have quite a lot of Windows updates to install so just set it to automa... Read More »

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Would it be bad for my laptop if I were to restore it to factory settings?

LynzeighYes it’s by far the best way to keep your pc running on top form. I do mine every year, on my anti-virus software renewal date. You have everything to gain. As the pc will to taken back t... Read More »

How to Restore a Laptop to Factory Settings?

Restoring your laptop to factory settings can take up to an hour to perform, depending upon the type of laptop and operating system on your machine. Prior to performing a system recovery, you shoul... Read More »

How do i restore my Toshiba Vista laptop to factory settings?

I have a Toshiba laptop myself and have the disc you are referring to. In order for it to successfully work, you must do the following:1. Turn on the PC2. Press C when you turn it on and release it... Read More »

How can i restore my laptop to factory settings, without disk and i cant get onto F11 revovery manager?

And why did you not create the recovery/install disc set for the laptop ?Order the recovery disc set from HP customer service by model number and OS.Post the complete model number and operating sys... Read More »