What happens if you use copyrighted images on your website?

Answer If you use copyrighted images without permission they can file a lawsuit against you and you could be sued for breaching their copyright. Search google for "Free Image stock" or "public domain images"

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Website images queston?

you can get them directly from the sites.Cheers

Can i use images of products i sell that i got from their own website?

This is actually copyright infringement that most companies don't seem to have a problem with. I did it when I used to sell porn. I would just modify the e-brochure graphics that I would get all th... Read More »

Free website to capture images from a video?

Why use a website for capturing images from a video you have...? Use smplayer (it's a frontend for mplayer, a media player that will play almost any video file), which has a built-in capture functi... Read More »

How do I confront a business that has copied my website images?

I would send them an email, and state that you wish them to remove your images immediately.State that they have broken copyright law and the images belong to you.If they continue to use them contac... Read More »