What happens to old emails?

Answer Once you hit the delete button, the email is now the property of yahoo/gmail. If you use a free email service, yes, they probably keep them, at least for awhile. I do not think they will ever be tr... Read More »

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How can i copy all my emails i get and save them to my harddisk so i can read them later and delete my emails?

For windows user can use MS Outlook and other software also do easily.>Should use likes POP3 and SMTP Email providersYou should not use webmail.But you need to know what kind of mail server do you ... Read More »

I am receiving emails for my domain but have huge problems sending emails?

Permissions and Rights .. by default MS have 'send' and 'forward' disabled (because too many idiots were setting up their email servers with open 'forward' ports that gave the SPAM merchants a fiel... Read More »

How to Export Go Daddy Emails to Google Emails?

If you set up a web site on Go Daddy, you may want to configure your settings to handle incoming e-mail. If you prefer to use GMail instead of Go Daddy's webmail interface, you can configure GMail ... Read More »

Unable to open emails in normal way however if i right click can open also unable to delete emails?

You might want to scan your computer for viruses.