What has happened to demonoid website?

Answer Yes you are right i can not get on either, I assume they MAY of been taken off, Its been coming for ages, Don't worry, they'll be back when they get another ISP

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What Happened To The Job Centre Website?

it's still there but renamed universal jobmatch - and it's not as easy to navigate anymore like it used to be.

Does anyone know what has happened to the website Has it gone bust?

I have been trying to access the site for the last 4 days and cannot get into it either. As I have a sizeable amount of cash back, I would like to know the answer to this also.

I read the letter on your website about being burned from water exploding from heating in the microwave. This recently happened to me with a cup of coffee. I thought it was because of the material of the coffee cup. I too felt ridiculous trying to e?

When you use a microwave oven to heat water in a glass or glazed container, the water will have difficulty boiling properly. That's because boiling is an accelerated version of evaporation in which... Read More »

Has demonoid gone down?

I have also been getting the same exact error. I was worried that I had done something wrong but I don't see how I could have since I'm a brand new member as of last week.It's refreshing to know th... Read More »