What has happened to demonoid website?

Answer Yes you are right i can not get on either, I assume they MAY of been taken off, Its been coming for ages, Don't worry, they'll be back when they get another ISP

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What Happened To The Job Centre Website?

it's still there but renamed universal jobmatch - and it's not as easy to navigate anymore like it used to be.

Does anyone know what has happened to the website Has it gone bust?

I have been trying to access the site for the last 4 days and cannot get into it either. As I have a sizeable amount of cash back, I would like to know the answer to this also.

What is going oh with all these Demonoid invite requests!!?

An excellent download site, especially when your a member

What is the big deal with why do people be begging for invites for it whats so special?

Are you a member???? LMAOIt is for hard core torrents. It may be private and it is great because there are records of people and after getting caught uploading viruses etc. They are kicked out, so... Read More »