What i need to be able to set up a small server in the company?

Answer Soooo many different options - essentially if you have two PCs running, windows, mac or linux you can connect them by 'sharing' folders - hit F1 in windows and look up sharing folders/files. If you... Read More »

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What do i need to start a small loan company I only want to lend a maximum of £500?

Lily is spot on. Also joining the Consumer Credit Trade Association will get you all the advice you need in all circumstances and they provide all types of agreement forms needed under the Consumer... Read More »

Would my aunt and uncle be able to use my server in their house?

I am a little confused on what you asking but I will try to answer your question anyway. You can setup a server that your relatives could connect to wirelessly but they would have to have a wireles... Read More »

What do i need to be able to work at 15?

You can work part time in the UK without the Head teachers permission. I have employed loads of 15 year olds in the UK. it is only parental permission that is needed. There is also a restriction on... Read More »

Got in debt got good job but need to catch up need a lone ,but don't seem to be able to get one. help?

i would get in touch with citizens advice,they may be able to advise you on money matters, that doesnt invole getting a loan but consilidating your debts,be careful of places like ocean finance, th... Read More »