What information can I get on my Cyber Stalker?

Answer Hi,If you know people in that town why not send them photos of the person and see if anyone knows them?I don't know of any way you can do much more than that, sorry.8-((Arnak

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Cyber stalker - advice pls?

Report them and also put your setting on private for a while. Also block them and delete them from contacts.

How to Handle a Cyber Stalker?

Being the victim of a stalker is a harrowing experience. It is no less scary if the stalker operates online. Cyber stalkers can raise your stress and anxiety levels and make you feel unsafe in your... Read More »

Will He Think I'm a Stalker If....?

Doubt it, if you know him then i'm sure he wouldn't mind friending you? :L

Who is Ian Beale's Stalker?

Ian Beale is a character on the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders. His stalker, the subject of many rumor mills, turned out to be Cindy's son, Steven.