What is Global Climate Change?

Answer Global climate change is the change in global temperatures, weather patterns, and other statistical figures pertaining to global climate over the course of years, centuries, and eons. It is a blank... Read More »

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The Causes of Global Warming or Climate Change?

The earth naturally goes through a state of climate change and global warming. The greenhouse effect is a fundamental process on earth, whereby greenhouse gases like methane are released into the a... Read More »

How Global Warming and Climate Change Are Linked?

It was previously thought that global warming and climate change are linked, and that global warming caused by pollution causes climate change. This has been disproved, and now we know that the cha... Read More »

How Does the Placement of the Continents Affect Global Climate?

According to the theory of plate tectonics, tectonic plates bearing the world's continents slowly move relative to each other, rearranging them in noticeable ways only over timescales of millions o... Read More »

What is Climate Change?

Climate change occurs when the Earth’s average temperature changes dramatically over time. As little as one or two degrees can be considered dramatic change because the Earth’s ecosystem depend... Read More »