What is Intelligent Design?

Answer Intelligent design is a theistic theory of creation that presumes a scientific approach to asserting that the universe did not evolve by purely evolutionary processes. Intelligent design supporters... Read More »

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I am intelligent but can't get a job?

You are LEGALLY entitled to Jobseekers Allowance. Get in contact with your CAB (Citizens Advice Bureaux). Their error has cause you sever financial hardship. You could maybe get it backdated. Don't... Read More »

How do I Become More Intelligent?

If you want to become more intelligent you should: read a lot, study more effectively, do a research, learn how to look things up. It's important to not to be afraid to ask for help.

What Is Intelligent Control?

Intelligent control is the control method that mimics human intelligence when it comes to learning, decision-making, and problem solving. Human beings can experience, learn, adapt, and change their... Read More »

I am 60, fit, healthy and intelligent. I cannot get a job. Help!!?

Unfortunately, older people are often overlooked in today's society. Youth is often times rewarded, even though the person is not nearly as qualified. There are legal actions you can take, but this... Read More »