What is Jazz?

Answer Jazz is one of the few arts that can be considered truly American. Founded primarily in the south during the 1800's, this form of music was the first significant African American contribution that... Read More »

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Just moved toBirmingham UK are there any classy jazz places here or nice places to eat that have live jazz?

I am wondering why one would move to someplace; then start asking about its demographics.Why not start by looking here:

What Are Jazz Transcriptions?

Jazz transcriptions are pieces of jazz music put into notation that previously have not been written down. These transcriptions have both study and performance purposes. They sometimes are quite co... Read More »

What Is a Jazz Chord?

A jazz chord is any chord that is commonly used in jazz music. Jazz chords typically use seventh and extended chords, all of which have more than three notes. The chords may or may not have harmoni... Read More »

What Is a Jazz Trombone?

A jazz trombone is a brass instrument used to play jazz music. Though some types of trombones are marketed specifically as jazz trombones, in reality, a jazz band has several types of trombones. Th... Read More »