What is Post Production?

Answer Movie making is a complicated business, but the workload is generally split into three sections: pre-production, principal shooting and post production. Pre-production involves matters such as scr... Read More »

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What is a Production Assistant?

Creating a studio-backed Hollywood film can be a huge undertaking, with hundreds of union craftsmen, directors, producers, and actors all trying to row in the same direction. Meanwhile, dozens of s... Read More »

What Is a Theatrical Production?

A theatrical production refers to a play, opera, or musical that is performed live on stage for an audience. It may refer to a comedy or drama, and is typically based off of a script or series of s... Read More »

What Are Production Seats?

Production seats, also known as house seats, are seats in a theatre that are claimed by the production company or the performance venue for VIPs or special guests. They are generally good seats in ... Read More »

What is Chemical Production?

Chemical production is a broad category that includes manufacturing chemicals for agricultural, pharmaceutical, construction and manufacturing applications, to name a few. Chemical companies, which... Read More »