What is a Digital Signal Processor?

Answer A digital signal processor is a special computer program that uses digital computations and possibly one or more analog inputs to generate required analog outputs. For instance, a voice changer may... Read More »

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In a CD player, how is the digital optical signal transformed into an electrical signal — IM, Oxford, UK?

The ridges and flat regions on a compact disc's aluminum layer determine how laser light is reflected from that layer. As the disc turns and the player's laser scans across ridges and flat regions,... Read More »

How Do I Split a Digital Cable Signal & a Direct TV HD Signal on the Same Line?

You can split a coaxial line so that it carries your DirecTV HD signal and the signal from your digital cable service so you can enjoy local programming. Install a DiSEqC switch into your wiring sy... Read More »

What Is a Digital Signal?

A digital signal is a way of transmitting data that converts the data to discrete values, usually based on the binary code that computer systems work upon, which consists of packets of information ... Read More »

What Is a Digital TV Signal?

A digital TV signal is one of the two main ways of transferring data and pictures via TV broadcast. Television broadcast stations send information out as analog or digital signals. These signals ca... Read More »