What is a Key Grip?

Answer A key grip is actually the chief supervisor of a union crew responsible for moving lights, dolly tracks, cranes and scenery. While grips are primarily hired for their physical strength and constru... Read More »

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How to Grip a Baseball Bat?

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How to Use Self Grip Rollers?

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How to Put a New Grip on a Cricket Bat?

Cricket bats regularly need to have their grips changed. The grip, made of a rubbery material, helps the player keep a good hold on the bat, but over time it becomes less-effective and thus must be... Read More »

What does a Dolly Grip Do?

A dolly grip is a film technician considered part of the camera or grip and electric (G&E) department. They are primarily responsible for positioning and moving the camera dolly, a wheeled device o... Read More »