What is a cell radio?

Answer If I remember this correctly, Cell Radio is basically the part of the phone which talks tothe local mobile mast (Cellular Radio), so its not an app as such, but part of your phone'srunning services.

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Removed radio put back in as i was putting in radio went dead there is power at the radio?

check the jack to see if it came undone. if not look at all you fuses. One behind the radio, one by the steering wheel and one under you hood by the battery. I guarantee you will find the problem i... Read More »

How does the male cell (sperm)get into the female cell (egg)?

The male sperm cell swims to the female egg cell from the mouth of the cervix (where the sperm is deposited) and up into the uterus, where the egg is. The fastest single sperm cell (spermatozoa) pe... Read More »

I've just fitted a new Pioneer DEH-2300UB radio in my Kia Sportage 2005 but when set all the radio channels into the radio and I turn the power off by the key all the channels are lost, I've looked in the Pioneer manual and there is some sort of sett?

The yellow wire on the loom is the constant feed to keep the memory stored. First check that you have power there then check the red (switched) the same way. If no joy with the yellow wire hen chec... Read More »

Our microwave oven is only 2 years old. Recently, we have noticed that when the microwave oven is being used and our kitchen radio is on, the radio has a lot of static. Is this an indication of a leak Other than interfering with our radio, the oven a?

Because the oven's microwave frequency is more than 20 times higher than anything a normal radio receives, I'd be surprised if the radio would notice even a pretty severe microwave leak. What you d... Read More »