What is a contiguous file?

Answer The physical space on a hard drive is organized into thousands of sectors. When you open up My Computer, it looks like everything is organized neatly. A contiguous file occupies sectors that are... Read More »

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What does contiguous mean?

means:1. touching; in contact.2. in close proximity without actually touching; near.3. adjacent in time: contiguous events.

What Does Contiguous Mean in Photoshop?

To check it or uncheck it; that's the question. It's the "Contiguous" option you see in Photoshop when you use the "Magic Wand," the "Magic Eraser," the "Background Eraser," the "Paint Bucket" and ... Read More »

What are contiguous files?

Hi,Contiguous file as those files that are on the hard drive in one continues length.That is the opposite to fragmented files which parts of the file are scattered all over the disk wherever there ... Read More »

YouTube: Is it possible to reload an improved, better quality file in place of existing video file?

leave it alone, the higher quality wont be noticed.