What is a good cheapish tablet?

Answer Google Nexus 7, 8GB - it's 200 bucks at Amazon and it runs on Jelly Bean. I don't know what the conversion is, but it should be around 140 pounds. Also, you may not find a "quite fast" tablet for d... Read More »

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Can anyone recomend a good quality cheapish webcam for use with windows xp for my daughter to use on msn?

I Live In England If You Do I Suggest:Mikomi Basic WebcamIncludes: Video Resolution: 640x480Still Resolution: 640x480I Had This One, A Bit Blurry, But; It Does The Trick.In The *New* Argos Catoloug... Read More »

What is a good tablet for sensitivity and price?

I have a Kindle Fire and I LOVE it. I have had it for about a year and I still use it pretty much every day. It's fairly small, so it fits in my bag, but big enough to read or watch movies on, it... Read More »

Is this a good PC Tablet :)?

It looks to be a bargain to me. It looks to be quick with plenty of storage space. The screen doesn't look to amazing quality, but it isn't poor. If you want something with a good camera, definitel... Read More »

Whats a good tablet to get?

Blackberry Playbook, 5 stars in my opinion!