What is a internet troll?

Answer An internet troll is a supernatural being who is masked by an almost invisible aura, somewhat like the El Chupacabra. The numbers vary, from over one Million, to over 35 Million, have been yet iden... Read More »

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What is an Internet Troll?

An Internet troll is someone who posts offensive, controversial, or divisive material on an Internet community. Trolls are an unfortunately common occurrence on many communities across the Internet... Read More »

What is a Troll?

Norse mythology tells of a race of beings that were somewhat magical, frightening and troublesome. Trolls of legend take many forms, residing in the forests, seas, and mountains. One commonality is... Read More »

I am a troll. What to do?

You dont solve it, you embrace it. But in embracing it, you are soloving it.......problem?

Whats a TROLL.........?

To troll... to cast a fishing line out of a boat and run with it to see what means to post questions or answers of a sensitive or inflamatory nature to see who they can stir up. ... Read More »