What is a place called where you go and ask for food and drink?

Answer There are dozens of types like Takeaways, Restaurants, Diners, Sandwich Shops, Pie ShopsDune

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Was there a drink called Pony?

havnt seen it for years but you can still buy another 1970s drink babycham and cherry b

How Do You Make the Drink Called a Mojito?

Making this Cuban cocktail recipe isn't that hard. Here is a recipe from the origin of the drink itself, La Bedeguita del Medio in Havana, Cuba, and reportedly enjoyed by Hemingway. With 1 tsp pow... Read More »

How is the Drink Which Was Introduced in 1929 and Originally Called Lithiated Lemon Known Now?

The drink introduced in 1929 that was originally known as Lithiated lemon is known as 7up. For more information visit

Is there a place in london where you can bring your own food/ fast food and eat there?

If you want to eat your food then you have to sit in a park or on bench. Owner of the best restaurant of the London will not allow you to eat your food in his restaurant.