What is a 'secret question' and how do they work?

Answer If you're referring to what I think you're referring to, a secret question is something you set up for a computer based account that acts as a back up if you forget your password. So with you're on... Read More »

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What have you got your work secret santa?

Mine is my boss and I've got him a mars selection box as he always asks us for chocolate and I've got him a key finder as he's always looking for his keys.Our price limit is £5.

I can get in my msn by my secret question but how can i see my password without changing it?

Does any one out there work in construction and are they shixxxg themselves they will be out of work soon i am?

i am a welder and our work is dropping off rapidly so i will join you in the shi**ing process

I work finding sites for cellular & PCS wireless telephone antennae. I would like to know how radio waves work and how they are able to carry voice and data information. What are these waves and do they exist naturally or do we set them up using elec?

Radio waves are a class of electromagnetic waves, specifically the lowest frequency, longest wavelength electromagnetic waves. Actually, the electromagnetic waves used in cellular & PCS transmissio... Read More »