What is a web app How do they work What are their pros and cons?

Answer an app is a program. Usually describes a program running on a smartphone, like an android, apple iphone.Downside is bad ones may have viruses, your personal data insecurely or stop existing apps wo... Read More »

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What are the pros and cons of renting.and wat are the pros and cons of buying?

Renting pros...1. Live in the neighborhood you want.2. Drive less to work and back.3. Low rentRenting cons...1. You build no equity.2. Money down the drain every month.3. Any upgrades you make is m... Read More »

Anyone live on their boat Pros and cons?

Its about the only thing in life you can d without paying taxes! Cant pay proprty taxes when you dont own the property right? Other than that though I have never lived on one but I think it would b... Read More »

People who work in Mcdonald's, What do they have to do to get a gold star on their name badge?

On time,no missed days,reliable fast learner and teacher,politeness ,cleanlenes and fast and good worker.

Do chefs usually make take their own lunch to work or do they make it their at their job?

They go to work and eat the mistakes or mis-orders.