What is an IP address my pc says "invalid IP address" when i try toconnect wirelessly to other pc?

Answer Internet Provider...

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Why is my email address invalid?

Both those addresses are valid. But some websites are incompetent about parsing and checking email addresses, so they say it's invalid when it isn't.

When sending a covering letter by email, do I need to include my address and their address?

I personally wouldn't, I have sent dozens of email cover letters and when I got the interviews, there was never a problem with my cover letter. You only really need to write it if you are mailing i... Read More »

Msn saying i have an invalid ip address?

Simply unplug your router/modem at the plug and power it on again.Or go to the Command Prompt (Start > Run > Type "CMD", without quotation marks) and type ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renewThen... Read More »

Facebook says "Incorrect email address" when i type in the email for my account?

At first, lo-gin E-mail account than click Facebook mail.