What is better; Mac or PC?

Answer If you are a high end imaging lover then the Mac is the thing for you, if you are more of a home user and love to pla games and stuff, go for a PC. I like a Mac

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When the housing market gets better is it better to buy a house for myself or buy to let?

Is it better to leave a computer switched on all day or or is it better to switch it on and off when needed ?

My preference is to simply leave it on 24/7 just like people do in their offices at work. If your PC is like mine and takes about 5 to 8 mins to boot up each time, why bother shutting it down?

Am I better off getting a degree in something to get a better paid job or Should I continue working as dental.?

If ur previous job pays as if u went to college for the job I wouldn't see a problem in saying

What's better for a better degree for investment banking?

The unis have people in their Marketing Depts that will point you in the right direction. So you can find out with a number of phone calls. Each uni is likely to run different courses.