What is better WI-FI or Cable ineternt?

Answer Are you asking if Ethernet is better than WiFi? If so, then yes. The only reason I mention this is that when people say "cable Internet", they usually mean Internet service over CATV lines, so your... Read More »

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What's Better: Satellite or Cable TV?

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Which is a better Internet connection wireless or cable?

Is a phone extension or LAN cable better over long distances?

LAN cable of Catagory 6 (Cat 6) will be best for this setup. u can use cat 5 but, most probably, it will be over burdened

Twisted Pair Cable Vs. Coaxial Cable Vs. Fiber Optics Cable?

Twisted pair cable, coaxial cable and fibre optic cable are three media commonly used in wired networks. The popularity of each type has varied over time. The most common form of cable currently in... Read More »