What is computer science?

Answer study of computers: the study of the mathematics and technology of computers and their applications

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Computer Science with Games Technology or computer science at city university?

It is hard to decide for you but it is easy to decide which is in more demand and has better prospects in terms of pay. It really depends where you are but if you look on websites like http://www.t... Read More »

Do computer science specialists know everything that's there to know about computer science?

the more you know the more your realise how much more you dont knowso the more you learn on a subject the further away all that there is to know on it getsThis is true for every subject there is.

Would the 'Computer Studies Pathway' Access course suffice for enrolling to a Computer Science degree course?

'Access' in this sense does usually mean access to a degree, so if it's a year course, yes it is. Computer courses aren't as popular as they perhaps should be, so that should be enough to apply. If... Read More »

Pls can I get a tutor on computer science online, am just graduating from my "0" level and going for computer?

What are you studying?The industry standard now is C++There are thousands of books and online videos on the subject.