What is disaster recovery e.g. backup systems, whole system replacement?

Answer disaster recovery, in comuting terms, is usually used by contractors or insurance companies, what this means is they will put processes in place to protect your item equiptment/data if a disaster w... Read More »

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What Are the Different Options for Computer Disaster Recovery?

Computers are vulnerable to disasters that result in loss of data. Software can become corrupted, rendering files unusable. Data storage devices or other hardware can fail, making files inaccessibl... Read More »

How Do I Choose the Best Disaster Recovery Program?

For the smart business owner, having a strategy to manage the company in the event of a disaster is an important aspect of maintaining operations during the recovery period. Each company has its ow... Read More »

How to Write a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Creating a disaster recovery plan is essential for preparedness. Disasters are a part of human life, and life must carry on in the wake of these unfortunate events. Creating an effective and usable... Read More »

What Are Computer Backup Systems?

Computer backup systems are a method used to save important information to one or more additional storage devices. Important data can be copied to several kinds of storage mediums, including floppy... Read More »