What is faster router or modem?

Answer Well actually guys a BT Home Hub is an ADSL Router. An ADSL Router is a switch and a Modem in one box.According to the spec a 220V is a "1 Port ADSL Modem Router (Non-Wi-Fi enabled) " and there is ... Read More »

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Which wireless modem router should I replace for the 2007 Netgear Post Office Wireless Modem Router?

try this - tabs on top…

How do I setup a second wireless router to act as a booster to my main router&modem?

I doubt the signal from net will boost from the second one, the incoming rate is fixed at the exchange in any case, but you can still link to use two from one source...see link.http://www.cyberciti... Read More »

How to make a USB modem faster?

A USB modem is a small portable device that plugs directly into your computer's USB port and allows you to access the Internet. They differ from Wi-Fi cards or dongles, which connect to the Interne... Read More »

Usb or Ethernet witch is faster in modem?

ethernet card ... is fasterWork it out for yourself.Old USB maximum speed is 12 mbps.USB 2.0 maximum speed is 480 mbps.Standard Ethernet runs at 100 mbps.Gigabit Ethernet runs at 1000 mbps.Work it... Read More »