What is faster wired or wireless?

Answer Wired. And the only way it would be slower is if you had hundreds and hundreds of feet of wire. Realistically, if you ran it through your whole house to wherever you wanted, it's still the same as ... Read More »

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What is faster Wired or Wireless HELP?

Wired is always faster. Most Lan cards use a speed of 100 MB/s. A standard wireless 11g witha good connection maxes at 54MB/s. If you have a Gigabite Lan card the speed is 1000MB/s. Always use wire... Read More »

Wired and wireless connections?

You really shouldn't do a simultaneous connection in the first place. Sounds kind of neat to be able to do it but there are no real good reasons to do it and you risk problems with networks conflic... Read More »

Is wireless slower than wired ?

No wireless is going to be slower than wired because the data has to travel through the air and get received where wired is a direct link. If you want to know the speed differences I would suggest ... Read More »

The Difference Between Wired & Wireless?

When you are setting up a network in either your home or office, you may ask yourself if it should be wired or wireless. While both methods will garnish the same results, there are advantages and d... Read More »