What is fortran programming?

Answer In simple terms it’s a computer programming language like 'C' or Basic and was just a bit up from machine code for developing applications.I used this at various times in the 70's when it was wid... Read More »

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What is Fortran?

Fortran is an imperative computer programming language. Once written as FORTRAN, the programming language is also considered general purpose and procedural. It was developed in the 1950s by Inter... Read More »

How to Compile Fortran 77 on Ubuntu?

Fortran is the "living fossil" of computer programming languages. It was originally developed in the 1950s to run on IBM's 704 computer. Fortran was not the first compiler, but it offered mathemati... Read More »

What Is IC Programming?

Integrated circuit (IC) programming is a type of computer programming in which software is created through code and then added to the IC. This normally is done by using a computer as a bridge for I... Read More »

Web programming as a job?

Whilst university is not for everyone, I would recommend at least an undergraduate degree for this career. Web developers are constantly having to learn new skills and languages. For instance now... Read More »