What is main use of using facebook?

Answer It's a social networking site, so you get to socialize with ppl all over the world via the Internet

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What is your main reason for not using a Sat Nav system?

Been driving 40 years without one, got a great sense of direction, can read a map and I've got a perfectly usable Mk.1 Brain which I don't have to pay to update.

Is it against the law. to ride a horse on the main road while using a mobile.?

Women have the excuse of being unable to stop nagging.

Is it ok it a guy puts a picture of a female as his main pic on Facebook?

Well, I think it's okay, but weird, I had a friend that put a woman as his profile picture and drew a paint stick figure next to her ,,, But it might just be weird, but it's your choice..

Is it weird if I used this pic as my main picture profile on facebook?