What is main use of using facebook?

Answer It's a social networking site, so you get to socialize with ppl all over the world via the Internet

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Is it weird if I used this pic as my main picture profile on facebook?

Is it ok it a guy puts a picture of a female as his main pic on Facebook?

Well, I think it's okay, but weird, I had a friend that put a woman as his profile picture and drew a paint stick figure next to her ,,, But it might just be weird, but it's your choice..

On my 2nd facebook why isnt it notify that my brithday is today on my main account?

In UK. Does it permit to turn right from minor road on main road, if main road has solid white double line?

Either get off the road, or ask your driving instructor to start teaching you properly, because a 5 year old could understand this concept!You aren't going to "cross or straddle it", you're going t... Read More »