What is maybe the problem with my printer (it is pulling paper in and then saying it is jammed )?

Answer it sounds like one of the paper sensors has a problem - if it is faulty then you will probly not be able to get it replaced, but if it has become disconnected, pushed out of position, or obscured b... Read More »

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Problem with laptop: Shuts down unexpectadly and then only able to use in safe mode. Also then................?

in your case may be ram memory, super-heating of the processor or source of energy with defect. I have a great suggestion ..... tries this blog, I found the solution for my problem there. http://ho... Read More »

Do you know what is the problem with my printer?

A ink cartridge or cartridges maybe low, empty or possibly cloggedFirst step is to see will if it print a test pageGo to Start, settings, printers. Right click on the printer, properties, print tes... Read More »

When I go on Minecraft then go on a server, I can play for about 5 minutes then I get an error messge saying?

Try re-downloading and installing java:32 bit:… for 32-bit64 bit:… for 64-bitIf this still doesn't work try re-... Read More »

My monitor flickers then goes black for a few seconds every now and then, anyone know what the problem is?

Could be any one of a number of causes, none of them good. The likeliest candidates that can be easist resolved are: 1) Loose/faulty data cable between monitor and PC. If the data cable gets kinked... Read More »