What is memory address?

Answer Memory address of an "object" is the location in RAM where that "object" starts. The "object" could be a piece of data, or a program. The "object" also has a length (in bytes), which means that the... Read More »

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What Is a Memory Address?

In relation to computers, a memory address is a numerical value that references a single element of datum inside of a storage medium. The location of computer memory could be inside the random acce... Read More »

How to Delete an Incorrect Email Address From iPhone Memory?

When you create a contact on an iPhone, you're given the opportunity to assign them various phone numbers as well as an e-mail address. Should you put in the wrong e-mail address, or should they ch... Read More »

What is the difference between "generic memory" and "proprietary memory"?

Hello,(ANS) No.1 Proprietary Memory. This is maker or brand, or machine specific you cannot get this any were else, the system requires this. Nothing else will match the machine and run it well. (i... Read More »

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