What is more popular facebook or twitter?

Answer Facebook

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Why is facebook so popular?

This answer will be given a bad rating but its the truth.Facebook is nothing more than a community of sad sad people who publicise what they are doing in there life. "Look i'm having pizza for tea ... Read More »

Why is facebook more popular than myspace now?

MySpace is a representation of anarchy; it quickly became too large, bloated, immature, and lawless for its own good and people flocked to a more refined, controlled, clean environment with rules--... Read More »

You must be popular with all those Facebook friends?

Facebook is a site that I can't understand the popularity of it. So you post pics and talk with people. I don't see why that is so popular. I know many people fight on it, Get accused of cheating o... Read More »

Why is facebook more popular than myspace?

Facebook is so much more awesome because there is so much more cool stuff to do, it is much safer, and you can easily find friends from your school.