What is more secure?

Answer Why? are you a home user?or are you using radius servers?.WPA-PSK is fine if you use a pre-shared key both at home and at your office or remote user.Although WPA-802.1x could be a bit more secure i... Read More »

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Which is more secure a wireless network or a wired connection and why?

a wired networ is more secure because info can be encrypted, there are firewalls, and it is usually passward protected sometimes with more than 1 passward. wifi networks are easy to hack.

Which is more secure, Internet banking or using an app on your phone?

I'm on HSBC and i personally think that internet banking is safer because of all of the security on the websites and a HSBC bank manager recommended Internet banking.

Does chip and pin make you feel more secure during transactions?

I have never had a problem with it. Also a card can only get cloned if you let it out of your sight. Usually if they haven't got the latest paying point technology and the card has to be swiped.Als... Read More »

Can you recommend Firefox Extensions that make Internet browsing more secure?

I agree with the suggestion of using Sandboxie. Every other browser security measure pales in comparison. It's free, even after the trial ends (it's nagware like winrar).In addition to NoScript and... Read More »