What is on you PC table Is it untidy Are there any photos How often do you tidy it?

Answer Mines a total tip as usual, but I can find things when it's like that! And no I don't use a handbag! What is really the point of the question in the first place? Are you that bored?

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Do wireless mice have to have there batteries changed often and how often do they need to be changed Thanks?

Yes wireless mice do run out of batteries. They only need to be changed if the mouse stops working, which for most users is about 2-3 times a year.

Untidy property?

You could at least be seen to be making an effort to tidy your property to appease the council couldn't you? Tidying the property won't cost you anything. I'm sorry I can't answer your question but... Read More »

There is a saying that people who get what they wish for are often disappointed and unhappy when their dreams?

It means if you get what you wish for you have no dreams left to fulfil, no sense of achievement so everything after that is an anti climax.

How Often is There a General Election?

There is a general election every 5 years, as per the Fixed Term Parliament Act that was passed in September 2011. The next election will be on 7 May 2015.