What is steam on computers and internet?

Answer Steam is a system for distributing, controlling access to, and supporting certain online games, developed by Valve Corporation. It handles installation, activation and rights management, and some u... Read More »

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What is my internet connection speed for steam?

Any Steam selection is OK.They just want to give you a estimated download time based on your Internet connection speed .For your 2.68 Mbps download speed I would choose:DSL/Cable > 2MWhich simply m... Read More »

What impact, if any, have computers and the internet had on people’s health?

1.Sitting in front of the computer for a long time can cause strain to the eyes and damage it2.Playing games in front of it can make you addict to it and can cause problems like dehydration etc.3.I... Read More »

How do you set up the internet between 2 computers.?

Look up the info for the router brand. Is it Linksys?

How safe are Mac computers on the internet?

Macs are definitely safer than windows, just because there are less of them. 95% of all the computers out there are windows, so noone really bothers making viruses for macs. However, they can still... Read More »