What is the best Broadband provider.... NOT BT - they are rubbish!?

Answer Virgin Media

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Is BT a good broadband provider or would I be better off with a different provider?

I changed from BT Broadband because it cost so much and didn't offer the speed other providers were offering.Their service was OK - I wouldn't give them a gold medal or anything though as I get rea... Read More »

UK broadband - can anyone reccommend the best broadband provider?

hi bt toal broadband option 3 okyou get a free home hub with a free handset its now the new black limited edition you will recieve not the white one i have bt softphone which allows you to phone f... Read More »

Why is sky broadband so rubbish?

You are going to get a lot of responses from people who has had a bad time at Sky, however there are many people out there who has a good connection and recommend Sky. I do not work for Sky and nev... Read More »

I've just ordered broadband and have been told the speed is 2.0Mb what does this mean & is it rubbish?

it is sort of but one what type of line is it, DSL, Cable or sattalite? and what type of area do you live in and how much is it costing? If it is just you who is using it and you only browse the we... Read More »