What is the best broadband in manchester uk but i don/t have cable under ground thanks?

Answer For the best phone and broadband package....…O2 broadband has an excellent offer at the moment for UNLIMITED highspeed downloads from just £7.50 per month... Read More »

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Which is the best wreless router i have 2 pc's and a laptop.w ith cable broadband?

try lynksys i've never had a problem with mine.

I have a job interview for a role in waitress at Manchester UNited Ground, any tips for dress code for men?

Man City shirt.edit:your question says "dress code for men" and then it says the job is for a waitress. Make your mind up whether you're male or female.

Whats the best wireless router for cable broadband and best price?

i bought that Netgear WGR614 the other day from maplins £39.99,and it does what it says on the box. I had one of them linksys router and it died miserably.

Want a new broadband supplier where I dont have to pay BT line rental.?

A check on virgin media website shows your new postcode is not in their cabled area so cant just take their broadband service through a cable line. They can however provide broadband but again you ... Read More »