What is the best connection pppoe?

Answer Its hard to say, depending on the network:Virtual Circuit Multiplexing or VC-MUX is a form of network traffic control. It is used in situations where multiplexing is preferable to switching. Multip... Read More »

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What does PPPoE mean?

How to Share Your PPPoE With a Proxy?

PPPoE stands for "Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet." It is a network protocol that is typically used in DSL connections where users can connect to their modem via Ethernet. You can share PPPoE... Read More »

Best internet connection?

Depending on where you live, I would say either DSL or Cable. Just keep in mind that DSL is more reliable compared to Cable. You can also get DSL without the phone line these days, and you can get ... Read More »

What's the Best ways to boost my connection?

Your options are:1. Run a long ethernet cable from the router to your area and then connect an Access Point so you can be either wired or wireless.2. Buy a wifi repeater/extender and place it midpo... Read More »