What is the best home broadband or mobile broadband offer?

Answer Try adsl and the speed get 8mp its damn fast no stucks no problems as well. or you can just you's other peoples internet. good luck!!!

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Has anyone got mobile broadband with T-Mobile and the free Acer lap top, would like some feedback on the offer?

decent laptop, quite slow, but windows vista always is!! plenty of memory though, and as for mobile broadband, its a lifesaver if your always on the move! i found it definately worth the money :)

What are peoples experiance with ee internet broadband just the normal home broadband?

I'm thinking of having a landline and broadband in my new home,but should I go for BT Broadband with their?

If Both companies have Cable to Home infrastructure then either will provide Fast ADSL services(Depends what services you want,will be the factor in deciding)

Which Broadband Offer should I choose. AOL or Sky?

Neither of the two mentioned, for A.O.L it is very difficult if not near on impossible to cancel the contract if you find them not suitable and as for Sky first you have to contact BT to release th... Read More »