What is the best thing about Yahooo Answers?

Answer It a productive way to pass time and help other people.

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Is there anywhere on the net that offers the same thing as yahoo answers?

Are there any bikers or biker women on this answers thing?

I'm a female biker and last week I was suppose to go to Myrtle Beach Bike Week. But my knee is wrecked and I can't even ride my bike. I ride a 2006 purple Harley Deuce and I consider myself a biker... Read More »

How do u make a complaint 2 yahoo answers bout answers to ur question that u find offensive/not happy with?

You can "report abuse" by clicking the red flag icon underneath their answer.

Is Wiki answers less cliquey and corrupt than Yahoo Answers?

Wiki Answers has no real community as such, so there is none of the stuff you mention... However, I would still say Y!A is much better for answers, a large number of questions on Wiki Answers don't... Read More »